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Ani Villa Estate

Little Bay,  Anguilla

10 BR: 20 Guests
From: $9,625 per Night

Ani Villa North

Little Bay, Anguilla

4 BR: 8 Guests
From: $5,225 per Night

Ani Villa South

Little Bay,  Anguilla

6 BR: 12 Guests
From: $6,775 per Night

BeachCourt Villa

Shoal Bay East, Anguilla

8 BR: 4-16 Guests
From: $1,100 per Night


Barnes Bay, Anguilla

9 BR: 18 Guests
From: $14,286 per Night

Elements Estate

Long Bay, Anguilla

4 BR: 26 Guests
From: $9,300 per Night

Sand Villa at the Elements

Long Bay, Anguilla

4 BR: 2-8 Guests
From: $3,100 per Night

Sea Villa at the Elements

Long Bay, Anguilla

5 BR: 2-10 Guests
From: $3,300 per Night

Sky Villa at the Elements

Long Bay, Anguilla

4 BR: 2-8 Guests
From: $2,900 per Night


Little Harbor, Anguilla

10 BR: 10-20 Guests
From: $7,620 per Night

Le Bleu

Little Harbor, Anguilla

10 BR: 10-20 Guests
From: $8,600 per Night


Long Bay, Anguilla

7 BR: 8-14 Guests
From: $5,000 per Night


Sandy Hill Bay, Anguilla

7 BR: 6-14 Guests
From: $950 per Night


Anguilla is a small charming island nestled amid the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean and positioned just northeast of the bustling island of St. Martin. Anguilla is a quiet island with no casinos, no cruise ships and no ‘chain’ resorts. There are over 30 stunning white sand beaches on this 16 mile stretch of island offering various levels of seclusion.

The island provides world-class accommodations, fine dining, and first class service. Anguilla is known for its warm people, incredibly white sand beaches and crystal blue waters.  A uniquely laid back yet sophisticated luxury destination.

The special feel of this small island, along with the friendliness and hospitality of its people will make your stay at one of our listed tennis villa rentals an unforgettable one.

Enjoy the local culture, unwind, relax and play tennis in paradise.




Flag of Anguilla

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